Luck, Value and Commitment: Themes from the Ethics of Bernard Williams

Co-edited with Gerald Lang. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012 (contributions by John Broome, Jonathan Dancy, David Enoch, Ulrike Heuer, Brad Hooker, Gerald Lang, Philip Pettit, Joseph Raz, Michael Smith, Jay Wallace, Susan Wolf).

Gründe und Motive. Über Humesche Theorien praktischer Vernunft

mentis Verlag, Paderborn 2001, 260 pages.

  • Review by Ralf Stoecker in Grazer Philosophische Studien 65 (2002), 247-250.

Journal Issue

The Normative Significance of Intentions. Co-edited with Matthew Smith (with contributions by Luca Ferrero, Richard Holton, Hallie Liberto, Erasmus Mayr, David Owens, Sarah Paul, Joseph Raz, Ralph Wedgwood, Fiona Woollard). Special Issue of Philosophical Explorations (20th Anniversary Issue), 20:2, 13 October 2017.


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Verantwortung, wenn alles schief geht. Invited Blog post on:, Swiss Portal for Philosophy, Politische Philosophie 30/12/2015

Interview on Philosophy of Action (August 2018)


In Progress

  • Book on intentions and the reasons for which we act (working title: Intentions Unbound. The Rationality and Morality of Intentions).

  • Acting Intentionally

  • Rationality as responsiveness to reasons. (Investigating John Broome's criticism of the view that being rational consists in responding to one's reasons, or the reasons the agent believes she has).

  • Professor Procrastinate's Reasons.