Some information for conference delegates

Getting here:

In case you fly into Manchester, the easiest way to get to Leeds is by taking the train. The train station is in the airport, and the trains go directly.

The way from the rail station to the conference locations is about a mile. In case you plan to walk here is a link to a google map.


Lunches and coffee-breaks will be catered. For the dinners we will go to restaurants. On Monday, we’ll be in The Tetley, which is quite an impressive location: former headquarters of the Tetley brewery turned art gallery:  On Tuesday, we will be in a nice restaurant in the city, very close to your hotel:

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know. No need to write if you are a vegetarian though. There will be plenty of supplies for vegetarians at all meals.

Tuesday afternoon:

We have rented a coach for Tuesday afternoon to go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s one of the most wonderful things around these parts: It is huge area, partly landscaped, partly, well, not, with a gallery on each end: the Underground Gallery, and the Far Side Gallery. There are shuttle buses going from one to the other, but the thing to do is, really, to go walking. It’s big enough for that and contains an incredible collection of sculptures. In addition there are current exhibitions by Ai Weiwei, Thomas Houseago and others. We will have to leave sharpish after lunch on Tuesday, at 2pm, and the bus is going to pick us up and take us back at 5:30 (it’s probably about a 30 minutes drive, depending on traffic). We have 24 places and they will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. (If you’d like to be among those first, let me know.)

Things to do in Leeds:

My colleague, Robbie Williams, has made a list of things to do while visiting Leeds in threes, the magical number: The page contains a link to a map for all the places he lists.


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