Programme & Abstracts

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Friday, 21 February

Session 1

2-3:45 Joseph Raz (Columbia & KCL): "Intention and Value"

Comment: Victor Tadros (Warwick)

3:45-4:15 Coffee break

Session 2

4:15- 6 Fiona Woollard (Southampton):"The Doctrine of Double Effect, the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing & The Possibility of Nonconsequentialism"

Comment: Chris Bennett (Sheffield)

Drinks & dinner


Saturday, 22 February

Session 3

9:30-11:15 Richard Holton (Cambridge): "Crime as Prime"

Comment: Yair Levy (Oxford)

11:15-11:30 Coffee break

Session 4


Erasmus Mayr (Oxford): "Acting Sub Specie Boni"

Comment: Dorothea Debus (York)  



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