Some information about workshops and conferences I'm organising, or have recently organised. I will post here about future events regularly. Watch this space!


Conferences I have organised


The Moral Significance of Intentions

9-11 June 2014 (co-organiser: Matthew Smith) (with Michael Bratman, John Broome, Luca Ferrero, Helen Frowe, Ulrike Heuer, Julia Markovits, David Owens, Sarah Paul, Ralph Wedgwood).

Themes from the Ethics of Bernard Williams

30 June to 2 July 2009. Co-organised with Gerald Lang. Launching event of the Centre for Ethics and Metaethics (CEM) (with John Broome, Sarah Broadie, Jonathan Dancy, Philip Pettit, Joseph Raz, Samuel Scheffler, Michael Smith, Jay Wallace, Susan Wolf; commentators: Roger Crisp, David Enoch, Alison Hills, Brad Hooker, Gerald Lang, James Lenman, Elinor Mason, Michael Ridge, Ralph Wedgwood). 

Practical Reasons II

9-11 April 1999. Humboldt University Berlin. Co-organised with Kirsten Endres. (Many of the same participants as in Practical Reasons I)

Practical Reasons I

2-4 January 1998. Humboldt University Berlin. Co-organised with Kirsten Endres. Keynotes: Rüdiger Bittner, Joseph Raz, Michael Smith, Jay Wallace  


Workshops I have organised


Intentions II

21-22 February 2014 (with Chris, Bennett, Dorothea Debus, Richard Holton, Erasmus Mayr, Joseph Raz, Helen Steward, Victor Tadros, Fiona Wollard) co-organiser: Matthew Smith

Intentions I 

26-27 June 2012 (with Maria Alvarez, Richard Holton, Anna-Sara Malmgren, Helen Steward, Sergio Tenenbaum) 

Theoretical and Practical Reasons

24-25 June 2010 (with Selim Berker, Daniel Elstein, Stephen Kearns, Anna-Sara Malmgren, Nishi Shah, Daniel Star, Sergio Tenenbaum)

Values & Reasons

17 May 2008 (with Daniel Elstein, Tim Mulgan, Jussi Suikkanen, Pekka Väyrynen) - co-organised with Gerald Lang.


24 November 2007 (with Kent Hurtig, Nadeem Hussain, Wlodek Rabinowicz) - co-organised with Gerald Lang

Leeds, Ethics

9 June 2007. Discussing work in progress in ethics by Leeds philosophers. 

Practical Reasons

6 May 2006 (with Seiriol Morgan, Niko Kolodny, Joseph Raz)

The Metaphysics of Value

14 May 2005 (with Ulrike Heuer, James Lenman, Jay Wallace, Ralph Wedgwood)